Maudlin Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras weekend and I don’t have a single decoration up or activity planned. This is the first year the hobbits wanted to celebrate, and I’m not ready or motivated.
Making beignets this morning eased some mommy guilt. I’ve considered a run to the crafts store to get materials for mask-making, and a bundt cake from the bakery they love. All of this I will enjoy too, but this year Mardi Gras is for the hobbits.
Looking forward to Lent. I do most years, but this time a little voice whispers that those forty days will be crucial. No clear reason, but I feel the weight of expectation.
I have a bottle of champagne waiting for something. Maybe Fat Tuesday will be that something. It’s also a special friend’s birthday, so that’s another something. I’ll be raising a glass alone, but sometimes it be like that.
Though this isn’t how I expected to exit this festive the season, I will admit to having laughed and celebrated more than I hoped, and certainly more than I deserve (if a case can be made that we ever DESERVE celebrations). Life is a carnival, my friends. May we all enjoy the celebration!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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